That is a big word that represents a huge system inside of each of us. Think of your Nervous system, its just as big and important as that. So what is an Endocannabinoid System? The Endocannabinoid System has a very important job; it keeps all your other systems in balance with one another as the day goes on. This system is made up of receptors, like your Nervous System, embedded through out your entire body including your brain. When these receptors are stimulated by cannabinoids (cbd) your body can communicate more effectively with itself and return to a balanced self.

So with all of the lies we’ve been told over the years we have been deprived our selves of CBD, something our bodies obviously need. We have become endocannabinoid deficient, this is why it seems everyone keeps getting more and more sick. Our bodies thrive with CBD some researchers say that many of our ailments and diseases occur when there is a deficiency in CBD. Because Cannabis is still federally banned we have not been able to provide many studies and proof much of the amazing things this plant can do, but that hasnt stopped some people.

Cannabinoids have different effects based on which receptors they bind to. For example, Cannabinol (CBN) binds with CB-2 receptors throughoout the body, this is why most people report pain relief. When you understand how your body responds to cannabinoids the better you can find relief, and that is why I started this site, to help people break it down and understand why it really is more than just getting HIGH.

As this site develops we will have more info, and videos of people getting relief with cannabis and truly improving their quality of life. With this info I hope you allow yourself to be open to this amazing plant and see what it can do for you!