What is Cannabis? Cannabis is a plant that grows almost anywhere around the world and has so many medicinal properties that have been shown to improve peoples lives. The point of this site is just to educate and get people like you to know and recognize what makes it SO wonderful! After all education is the key to understanding.

We all know the word Marijuana, it kind of has the old taboo vibe stuck to it, which is why people in the industry try to use the word CANNABIS. So where does that word come from. The Genus of the plant is called Cannabis, comes from the Family Cannabaceae and the Order Rosales. The cannabis plant is also recognized as HEMP. The hemp plant does NOT have any psychoactive compounds but instead it is a fibrous plant that can be used to replace fuels, paper from trees, and clothing but we will come back to that.

Cannabis has so many properties that we have only found and classified only a handful of them. Some of what researchers have found you probably have already heard of such as CBD, CBN, THC, THC-a, CBV the list goes on and on. Its almost like we have been lied to and kept in the dark for the last 80 years. I call it the Berlin Wall of Cannabis, it was built on lies and now we are slowly chipping away at it with every new person who steps forward and seeks it out treatment. YOU CANT DENY RESULTS! The more you study and read on how successful cannabis treatments are and have been you will probably take a step back and wander if it will work for you. Chances are the answer will be YES, and you will be thankful you read this.

Before I fill you with too much info im going to stop and break down the next few articles for you. First we will go over the EndoCannibinoid System, which exists inside of each of us. How the EndoCannabinoid System works, and why it works. Then we will go over some of the known Compounds starting with CBD and THC, the rest will be in different articles or videos for more depth info. The next thing is TERPENES, we will go over what they are, how they work. There is just so much info I want to share and get across to everyone. I cannot wait to share all this info with you guys.

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