XOCAL is a California Lifestyle brand that celebrates the unique and diverse cannabis counter culture by design. Woman owned and operated, we live the coined phrase, the future is female.

XOCAL Natural plant based all natural skin care products are kind to our planet and to our bodies. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, what we consume and apply to our skin is vital to our well being. Cannabis is by far the most natural way to care for virtually every skin disorder. By introducing the truth about cannabis as a natural skin healer in the form of topicals, XOCAL creates positive choices for those who may not be informed on how miraculous cannabis can be for our skin. Introducing everyone to cannabis regardless of consumption preferences is vital to abolish once and for all it’s negative stigma.
you can order this product by emailing me or by going to their website directly, check them out at www.xocalnaturalonline.com

Xocal CBD Tanning Oil: $30